Empower Coaching Excellence

Coaching goes beyond just skills and strategies. Empower your players to understand their motivations, take charge of their progress, and truly own their journey.

The Bold Break

Player Accountability

Imagine a world where learning volleyball isn't just about drills and plays, but about a holistic journey of self-discovery and growth. Where coaching insights fuse with personal ambition, where training meets mindset, and where motivation is not just a word but a practice.

Individualized Planning

Our 4-step M.A.Z.E. process transforms the mundane into the extraordinary.

Players embark on a quest to uncover their deepest motivations, dissect their behavior patterns, and set laser-focused goals. But it's not just about the individual. This journey is intricately woven with the team's aspirations, ensuring that every personal breakthrough contributes to collective success.

Beyond Playing Time

It's time to shift the focus from mere playing time to the broader horizon of personal growth and skill development.

Our approach encourages young women and their parents to look beyond the scoreboard and see the invaluable lessons in teamwork, resilience, and self-improvement. 

In this new paradigm, the conversation changes. It's no longer about who gets the most court time, but about how each player grows, contributes, and evolves.

Introducing young minds to skill-building tools that address habit tracking, emotional regulation, self-correction, constructive criticism, growth mindset, and goal attainment establishes strong neural pathways. These skills become second nature on and off the court, supporting their growth throughout adolescence and adulthood.

Break Boundaries & Build Strength
Break Boundaries & Build Strength
Break Boundaries & Build Strength
Break Boundaries & Build Strength

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

How can The Bold Break Journal benefit my coaches and enhance their coaching performance and job satisfaction?

The Bold Break Journal serves as a valuable resource for your coaches, offering a structured player accountability system and mental growth strategy. By implementing this tool, your coaches can guide their players more effectively, cultivate a culture of continuous self-improvement, and achieve higher levels of performance on the court. This leads to increased job satisfaction and a thriving club program overall.

How can The Bold Break Journal complement my coaching instruction?

The Bold Break Journal offers a platform to reinforce key concepts and skills taught during practice. By encouraging players to engage with the journal's practice prompts and reflection exercises, you can enhance their understanding and retention of the material, leading to improved on-court performance.

How does The Bold Break Journal help coaches communicate the value of a high-performance team to parents?

The Bold Break Journal allows parents to see beyond just measuring playing time; it emphasizes the importance of personal and skill development, mental growth, and overall character building. By showcasing how the journal supports their child's holistic growth and success, you can help parents recognize the broader benefits of being part of a high-performance team, leading to increased support and appreciation for the program.

I don’t want to add to my workload. How much work does this program involve?

By establishing The Bold Break Journal as a mandatory part of your training program, you can rely on the journal to do the rest. You'll be provided with a roadmap, giving insight into the challenges and prompts, and when to expect a response from the players. This allows you the flexibility to respond in a way that best suits your coaching style while empowering your players to take ownership of their own development.

Should all of my teams be using this program or just the older girls?

The Bold Break Journal is a versatile tool suitable for all age groups. The building blocks to success are the same whether you are a beginner or an elite-level athlete.

How does the journal keep the players engaged and using it?

The Bold Break Journal engages players through gamification. Using defined goals, interactive activities, and creating challenges that keep the athletes accountable. The bold colors, unique structure, and prompts keep players motivated to work on their mental and skill development, so it’s always changing and challenging. Additionally, we focus on personalized learning; the journal becomes a source of inspiration and growth, making it an enjoyable and rewarding experience for internal motivation.

How exactly are the parents involved?

The Bold Break Journal actively encourages parents to engage in their child's athletic journey at home using challenges designed specifically for parents. Utilizing the journal's prompts as conversation starters, parents can seamlessly integrate feedback and support into their athlete’s daily practice. Additionally, parents play an essential role in fostering a positive and enriching athletic experience, shifting the focus from comparing playing time to holistic skill development both on and off the court.