The Bold Break for Collegiate Volleyball Programs

Anxiety, stress, and pressure aren't just words; they're battles many female athletes are fighting every day. But here's the game-changer: The Bold Break Program, crafted just for programs like yours. It's not just another course but a journey of transformation for athletes to showcase their growth, progress, and personal breakthroughs to jumpstart their life and career.

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$52 per player

The Bold Break is specifically designed with volleyball programs in mind. We have made it easy for you to commit to our holistic approach with our per player pricing, making it accessible for every college, everywhere.

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Where Growth Meets Grit

Bold Break Athletes receive their own journal and exclusive access to our Athlete Empowerment Course

Our 4-step M.A.Z.E. process transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Our M.A.Z.E Model is your roadmap to mastering not just the game, but the game of life. It's about setting goals, overcoming barriers, and celebrating every victory, big or small.

Players embark on a quest to uncover their deepest motivations, dissect their behavior patterns, and set laser-focused goals. But it's not just about the individual. This journey is intricately woven with the team's aspirations, ensuring that every personal breakthrough contributes to collective success.

Volleyball Programs Around the Nation are Choosing The Bold Break

Many club directors, athletic directors, high school coaches, and college coaches are expressing the importance in mindset training and choosing The Bold Break program. Will you join them?

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Post Season Readiness Course: Performing Under Pressure

By being a Bold Break Collegiate Program, you have exclusive access into our 4 week Post Season Readiness course! Head into post season with not only the skills, but the mindset, to perform.

Be Fearless // Be Bold // Be You
Be Fearless // Be Bold // Be You
Be Fearless // Be Bold // Be You
Be Fearless // Be Bold // Be You

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Our program is thoughtfully designed to be implemented program-wide, uniting players and coaches. We create a cohesive journey that harmonizes the physical and psychological aspects of the game, fostering overall satisfaction and fulfillment for every participant. 

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