Winning Beyond the Game

The real game goes beyond physical prowess. It's about nurturing mental toughness and emotional agility. Our approach equips young athletes with the power to self-regulate and make savvy decisions, not just in the heat of the game, but in every aspect of life.

Bold Perspective

Volleyball's popularity is soaring, with hundreds of thousands of girls competing at the high school level, each with dreams of excelling further.

The real differentiator? A strong mental game. It's not just about being a standout on the court; it's about developing the mental resilience and strategic thinking that can set your athlete apart.

We provide a concrete plan to cultivate these skills, ensuring that your player is not just another statistic, but a well-rounded athlete ready to seize every opportunity and turn potential into reality.

Nurturing Growth

We recognize the transformative power of sports in shaping young women's lives.

Studies consistently reveal that female athletes excel beyond the court, from academic achievements to personal development. They are significantly less likely to engage in risky behaviors and more likely to attain higher academic success.

The impact extends into their professional lives too, with a notable percentage of women in leadership roles having a background in sports.

By fostering consistency and supporting their growth, you're not just nurturing an athlete; you're helping shape a confident, successful individual ready to make her mark in the world.

Volleyball Programs Around the Nation are Choosing The Bold Break

Is your athlete's program one of them?

Many club directors, athletic directors, high school coaches, and college coaches are expressing the importance in mindset training and choosing The Bold Break program designed specifically for each school or club. As a parent, your voice matters! Ready to bring The Bold Break to your athlete's program? Contact us below!

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Empowerment in Play & Resilience in Life
Empowerment in Play & Resilience in Life
Empowerment in Play & Resilience in Life
Empowerment in Play & Resilience in Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

How will The Bold Break Journal help me as a parent be more involved in my child's athletic development?

The Bold Break Journal's unique process nurtures vital mental skills for on-court self-regulation and real-time self-correction, leading to superior performance. Parents can actively engage in meaningful conversations with their child using journal prompts and challenges to reinforce these valuable skills.

What specific insights and perspectives does the journal offer that can enhance my child's overall athletic experience?

The Bold Break Journal provides a guided approach to goal setting and skill development milestones tailored to your child's personal goals and motivation. Intentional action helps them to celebrate their achievements, encourages motivation, and supports continuous improvement.

Can you explain how The Bold Break Journal offers more than just the traditional aspects of playing time considerations? I want to comprehend the broader benefits my child can gain from being part of such a team.

The Bold Break Journal highlights essential skills like constructive criticism, confidence, teamwork, leadership, time management, and emotional regulation. These skills apply both on the court and in real-world settings, empowering athletes for success in sports and life. Parents play a crucial role in bridging this gap, demonstrating the value of these skills in their child's overall development.

How will I receive the prompts and challenges in the journal?

Your player will receive their journal as part of their equipment package from the club. Inside the journal, there will be a parent card with a QR code. Simply scan the code and register as a parent to receive regular communication and updates, including conversation prompts to support your player in honing their mental skills. This will ensure you stay connected with the progress and growth of your young athlete.