The Bold Break Journal - Pre Order 2024-2025 Volleyball Season


Mental Skills Training

Unlock your potential and transform your volleyball experience with The Bold Break Journal, now available for pre-order for the 2024-2025 season. This isn’t just a journal; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to elevate your game, mindset, and team dynamics.

What You Get:

  • Personalized Goal Setting: Start with identifying your motivations and setting specific, measurable goals. Our guided framework helps you focus your efforts to achieve personal and team objectives.
  • Mental Skills Training: Enhance your mental toughness with proven techniques for self-regulation and resilience. Build the mental fortitude required to excel under pressure, both in practice and during crucial game moments.
  • Team Integration: This journal does more than just develop the individual; it strengthens the team. Every entry is an opportunity to align personal growth with your team’s strategy and success, fostering a unified approach to competition.
  • Continuous Guidance: Included with your purchase is a subscription to an exclusive email series that offers detailed instructions on maximizing the benefits of your journal. Learn the nuances of our unique 4-step M.A.Z.E. process and integrate these insights seamlessly into both practice and gameplay.
  • Access to the Signature App: Stay connected with your team and the broader Bold Break community through our signature app. This platform is a hub for ongoing education, motivation, and community engagement, ensuring you’re supported every step of the way.

Choose Your Season: You will have the opportunity to specify whether you're preparing for the club season or the high school season while you wait for your journal to arrive.

Who This Is For: The Bold Break Journal is ideal for volleyball players at any level who are committed to deep personal growth and enhanced team performance. Whether you are gearing up for the next season, aiming to break through performance plateaus, or seeking to master your emotional and strategic game, this journal is your partner in progress.

Empowerment Through Every Page: Each page of The Bold Break Journal is designed to inspire action, confidence, and a sense of belonging. With it, players and coaches alike will discover the empowerment and support necessary to tackle challenges and celebrate successes on and off the court.

Reserve Your Copy: Don’t miss the chance to be part of a unique athletic journey. Pre-order The Bold Break Journal today and start preparing for a season of unparalleled achievement and personal development. Let this season be your time to shine, with every play and every day captured in a way that truly reflects your commitment to volleyball excellence.


The Bold Break Journal, your compass for redefining thoughts and actions.

  • Engage with challenges and repeat your way to mastery.
  • Spotlight your strengths and nurture a growth-focused mindset. 
  • Track progress and foster healthy self-esteem with a feedback system offering immediate insights and long-term perspectives.
  • Uncover your intrinsic motivation to fuel your journey.
  • Action-oriented with clear guidelines.

As Used By

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Recognize and celebrate each moment of growth, big or small, on your path to mastery.


When athlete, coach, team, and parent come together with an unstoppable force of support and shared goals, success becomes inevitable.

Message From Our Founder

Welcome to The Bold Break, the ultimate game-changer for champions! As a former Division 1 volleyball player, coach, and volleyball mom, I'm thrilled to introduce you to this transformative journal that will elevate your players' skills to new heights. Becoming a great volleyball player takes a lot more than just physical skills. To excel, players must break out of their comfort zones and conquer the fear of failure to become a formidable force on the court.

At The Bold Break, we believe that sports mirror life, offering valuable lessons in expectations, goals, challenges, and consequences. Winning the game requires strategy and intentional action, as does winning in life. 

Our mission is to empower young women, fostering unapologetic, bold confidence in a safe and familiar setting – the volleyball court. With The Bold Break Journal, we equip them with the essential skills needed for success in both sports and life. When they go on the court or into the world, they'll have the unwavering confidence to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

At The Bold Break, we believe that sports mirror life.

At The Bold Break, we understand that excellence on the court is about more than physical skills. It's about breaking through comfort zones, embracing challenges, and transforming fear into fuel for success. We see volleyball as a microcosm of life, rich with lessons on goal-setting, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating triumphs.

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